About John

2017 was the year that John Jamison turned 65 and signed up for Medicare. It was also the year that as J. B. Jamison, he published his first novel called Disruption, as Pops Jamison he published his first children’s book, and as John B. Jamison he signed a contract for his fourth collection of stories with C. S. S. Publishing. A long-time believer in the power of stories, John saw sixty-five as just another bookmark in his personal story…a story of possibilities.

Twenty-five years ago he found himself at Mayo Clinic where he was diagnosed with a serious illness. “I asked the doctor what I could expect and he said, ‘Oh, it’s going to kill you. It might be three years, seven at the most, or maybe tomorrow.’ The guy’s bedside policy was not all that great.” Some reflection led to a career- change into education, and now some 30 years later John hopes to one-day cross paths with that doctor again. John says, “I’d like to talk with him about his math”.

John is a believer in the view that while we may have little control over what comes to us each day, we have full control over what we do in response. And he sees stories as a powerful way to get through those sometimes challenging days… and sometimes…to just imagine some fun things and have a good time.

After using stories throughout his career and personal life, John decided that sixty-five was a great time to change directions once again and spend more time writing and sharing some of his stories. His background of growing up in a river and towboat family from Beardstown gives him a unique collection of stories. “I grew up in a family of storytellers and liars, and I spent most of my time trying to figure out which was which.” And now his two grandchildren provide the inspiration for his children’s books.

Today, after three novels and more children’s books, John isn’t slowing down. “I feel things creaking when I get up in the morning, and it’s getting harder to bend over far enough to tie my shoes, but I can still tell a good story,” John says. “I’m having fun spending my time on the things I can do, and not wasting my time thinking about the rest.”

John is available for speaking engagements and programs.