John’s Writing!


Storytime Live With Pops!

Skwerdlock and Pops are taking a brief break, but here are recordings of  the stories, activities, and other fun things from our past visits with our favorite early readers and listeners!

Using “Story” to change the way we design learning!

Before focusing on his writing, John’s career involved using the “power of  story” to change the way we do teaching and learning. John used his “TranceFormational Learning” model to create more effective learning in every setting from K-12 through undergraduate and graduate school to corporate training,  as well as in personal activities such as learning how to write your own stories.

And now, John’s goal is to offer “TranceFormational Learning” as a solution to the challenges facing today’s learners.

What Is John Doing Now!

  • Back to work on the 4th Emily Graham mystery, called “Discontinue!”

  • As mentioned above, I am very excited to be working on a new project that blends storytelling, writing, and the technology of 3D virtual environments, to create something very different. For the readers out there, why just ‘read’ a story when you can ‘experience’ it for  yourself? And for the writers, don’t worry about “show, don’t tell”, let’s put our readers inside the story and let them find their way around. More soon!

  • I am trying to make the time to finish the illustrations for the next Skwerdlock book called, “The Case of the Missing Mouse!”,  hopefully coming by the end of the year.

  • Along with working on traditional illustrations, one of my upcoming books is calling me to tell the story using Chinese Ink Brush artwork. I am doing my best to learn…

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