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Emily Graham is Back!

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We are VERY excited to announce that, after a brief distraction, the 4th Emily Graham adventure is back on the calendar for a winter release. Although J. B. hasn’t been writing it all down, Emily has been digging in the muck and mire of all of those things that have distracted us for the past many months, and is about to drag it all right out here in the open for all of us to see.

What began as a Disruption, then became a Distraction, and then led to Disbelief, turns out to be an all-out effort to Discontinue the very things that have been the foundation of our way of life.

Emily has discovered that the battles we are currently fighting are not the real battles at all, and are nothing more than the stepping stones to something far different and far more final.

Discontinue is coming early 2024.

Hopefully that will be in time…

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John’s Blog, along with a collection of thoughts, stories, pieces & bits of stories, ideas, sketches, and other wanderings from the world of John Jamison and…

John’s Coaching is OPEN!

Not another “Package” you need to figure how to fit yourself into, but individualized conversation with the one goal of helping you write that thing you want to write (How many pages are in that drawer?), or of creating that “Thing” that has been bouncing around in your head for too long now.

This is an opportunity to have focused conversations that have the one goal of helping your creativity do it’s thing!

And Now for Something Completely Different!

  • A long-time fan of Old Time Radio, I am working on my first story that gives you the choice to “read how someone else solved the mystery”, or to step into Second Life and “experience the story yourself” and put your personal sleuthing skills to the test. Whichever way you go, “Death in the Deli!” is a mystery waiting to be solved.

  • In the spirit of the noir detectives like Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe, Nero Wolfe, Ellery Queen, and others from radio and the old “pulp” magazines, you can visit the locations, search for clues, interview witnesses and suspects, and take your evidence to the D.A. and try to prove your case. And in keeping with the spirit of the noir detectives, there are people who are willing to help you, and people who are determined to stop you in your tracks. Keep both eyes open…and one of them on your back.


John’s Workshops Coming Soon!

“Another World for Writers and Storytellers!”

“An Introduction to Interactive Fiction for Writers and Other Creatives!


Skwerdlock and Pops are taking a brief break, but here are recordings of  the stories, activities, and other fun things from our past visits with our favorite early readers and listeners!

Using “Story” to change the way we design learning!

Before focusing on his writing, John’s career involved using the “power of  story” to change the way we do teaching and learning. John used his “TranceFormational Learning” model to create more effective learning in every setting from K-12 through undergraduate and graduate school to corporate training,  as well as in personal activities such as learning how to write your own stories.

And now, John’s goal is to offer “TranceFormational Learning” as a solution to the challenges facing today’s learners.

What Is John Doing Now!

  • As mentioned above, I am very excited to be once again working with my friend, Emily Graham, to help share the story of her latest adventure she is calling “Discontinue!”.

  • I am trying to make the time to finish the illustrations for the next Skwerdlock book called, “The Case of the Missing Mouse!”,  hopefully coming by the end of the year.

  • Skwerdlock and I are taking a short break from our weekly “StoryTime LIVE With Pops!” on FaceBook Live! Actually, Skwerdlock wanted to take a VERY long nap. We will be back soon!

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