Coaching for Writers, Wannabe Writers, and other Creatives!

John B. Jamison

The quick version…

I really despise those sites that make you scroll through page after page of “stuff” to get to the bottom line, so I’ll start with it and let you decide how much farther you want to scroll.

  • A weekly, 1-hour, personal conversation about your writing, focusing on the things you want to focus on.

  • Additional time each week for me to read any of your writing you would like to discuss.

  • Unlimited weekly email contact.

  • An ever-growing collection of online resources and activities for your exploration.

  • An individualized experience, rather than trying to make you fit a “system” of some type.

  • All of this and more for $130/month.

If this sounds like it might be worthwhile…please keep reading…

What is this all about?

I’ve been asked several times if I would consider doing something like “coaching” to share my experience with writing and creativity as a traditionally published and indie-published author. I have hesitated doing that for two reasons. First, I just don’t consider myself any kind of “expert” on either writing or creativity; I’ve just learned what I could learn along the way. And, second, my real passion is writing and storytelling and I have no real desire to become another person who talks about writing but isn’t actually writing.

Then it occurred to me…

The biggest thing people have been asking me for is how to be more creative with their stories and other activities and simply how to get those things done. I realized that they weren’t looking for another “expert” to give them yet another list of rules and techniques, but what they really wanted was just another pair of eyes and another voice to help figure out how to get their stories out of their head and onto the page to share with others. They wanted someone to walk with them on their creative journey. I think I can do that.

Who is this for?

If any of these sound familiar…

  • You keep hearing yourself saying, “I always wanted to write, but…”

  • You are writing, but have a tough time actually finishing anything.

  • You are writing, but would like some help with creating the story, or the characters, or a list of other things.

  • You have finished writing but aren’t sure what to do with it.

  • You need someone to help hold you accountable to be the creative writer you want to be.

  • You are wanting to hear more of the creative voice you know you have inside.

If any of these are you, it might be worthwhile for us to have a conversation…

What about that, “…and other creatives” part?

While I am talking a lot about “writing” here, the overall focus of our time together will be on the entire process of being more “creative”, however you might be wanting to do that.

In my personal experiences as a writer, speaker, instructional designer, educator, business leader, marketer, and other things, my challenges have been to find my “why”, figure out how to begin and keep doing what I need to do, and learn how to not get distracted by thinking about the things that keep getting in the way.

  • If your goal is writing, we will focus on writing.

  • If your goal is on creative problem solving, we will focus on how to approach problems more creatively.

  • If your goal is to design games or curriculum, we will focus on how to design experiences that fully engage the users to accomplish what you want them to accomplish.

  • If your goal is…well, you get the idea…

Our overall goal is how to use our inborn, personal “Story-Voice” to accomplish what we want to accomplish.

What do we talk about?

We can talk about the things we decide you want to work on reach your goals. But in general, we might talk about things like:

  • How to get started and actually begin writing what you want to write.

  • How to KEEP WRITING and not worry about that thing people like to call “Writer’s Block”. In plain language that means how to stop thinking about other things and just get that story out of your head onto the paper.

  • How to craft the “Story” to make it as engaging for your readers as possible and keep them turning the pages.

  • How to handle the “Editing” process; both of the story itself and the formal grammatical editing of your manuscript.

  • How to decide if you want to Indie or Traditionally publish  your work, what the differences are, and what you need to focus on to get that done.

  • How to identify and build what everyone likes to call your “Author’s Brand”. In plain language that means how to create and build the community that you would like to have following your writing.

  • Note: I am not offering you a “Package” for you to follow so you can try to fit your specific writing into. These are the usual topics we might work with, but the goal will be to focus on those things you want and need to focus on. We may decide to add some things to the list if we believe it will help you complete that creation!

What is included?

The specific things we will do depend upon what we decide we need to do to help you reach your goals. But in general, our time will include:

  • An initial 45-minute ‘start-up’ conversation to identify goals and establish the starting plan.

  • A weekly, one (1) hour conversation to talk about the issues we want/need to talk about.

  • Unlimited email support. I will do my best to reply within 24 hours.

  • One (1) hour of my time between each weekly conversation in which I will read pieces of your writing and give feedback on. We will talk about this in our weekly conversations so we can make this time as worthwhile as possible.

  • Note: If our “Life Schedule” is tight during a specific week, we may choose to reschedule that week’s conversation. Overall, the goal is to make this a positive and meaningful experience for your writing.

$130 per month, with an initial commitment of three months.

It Begins With A Call…

At this point, if you are interested in taking part or in knowing more about how this works, I suggest we have a brief, 15 minute, phone conversation to talk and see if we both believe that our time together is going to be worthwhile for your journey.

If you would like to talk, feel free to email me at john @