What I am doing right now!

I am spending my time deep underground following Arnie and the others as they tell me the story of Arnie Dufner and the Tephras’s Revenge! I hope to have it ready to have this second book in the Arnie Dufner Series ready to share with you very soon!

One of the challenges of creating something like the Arnie Dufner Series is creating the world of the story. That includes the characters and creatures, but also a lot more. I have been time exploring geology, biology, geography, history, and dealing with the challenge of learning (creating) the language of the world of Lithos.

However, what I am “trying” to do right now is sit down and update this page…which obviously has not been updated for a while. And then I need to write for my blog, and then I need to add my new CSS book to my book page, and then I need to finish the illustrations for my next picture book called “One Said Hi!”, and then I need too…

You get the idea…

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