Welcome to my blog.

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I am in the process of updating my blog during July 2020...removing old things and getting ready to add new. I invite you to come back in a couple of weeks and see what you think! I hope you enjoy your visit into the collection of thoughts and interests that roam around in my head…at [...]

That’s Not Really True, Is It?

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"I enjoyed the story, but that isn't really true is it?" I hear that question from readers of all three of my novels. But of the three books, it has been asked the most about the second one, Distraction. A few ask about the hacking pieces. I assure them that as I did my research [...]

Let’s Begin the Year With Something Simple.

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This isn't about books, or about writing, but something I think is far more important. You know those times when you say "They know I love them, I don't have to tell them"? Nah. Tell them anyway. Sometimes we all have days when even when we "know" something is true, it is really great to [...]