Welcome to my ‘page of ideas’! I thought it might be intersting to show one of the ways we find those sometimes illusive story ideas, using random pictures I find online. I selected all but one of these this morning while rambling around through online newspapers and other sites. I have no idea what each of them mean, or what stories they might hold inside, but for one reason or another they yelled “Pick Me!”, so I did.

Now for the fun part. Beginning tomorrow, I’m going to pick one photo a day and see if I can find a story in it and post it on my blog. They’ll just be short, but sometimes the best stories are. I’ll be adding more images as I go along…so we’ll see just how long this might last…

Wish me luck!

Al Capone in Alcatraz

Laundry day

Kid, smoking, with chicken

I have no idea…

Mickey and Minnie, first draft

Brando’s cue cards

Going to school


The dance

Just one drink

First diving suit, 18th century

Einstein’s fuzzy slippers

Elvis, dad, and grandma

The future in 1956

Goodyear illuminated tires


1963 VR

For the kids


King George VI, 1938



I remember the time…



Um #2

Vampire Hunting Kit

One of those…