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I am in the process of updating my blog during July 2020...removing old things and getting ready to add new. I invite you to come back in a couple of weeks and see what you think! I hope you enjoy your visit into the collection of thoughts and interests that roam around in my head…at [...]

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How Stories Happen: Working Title – “November 18”

I am often asked how I actually write my fiction stories. As a shot at a response, I thought I would give you an inside look at how it happens by sharing an early "idea" for a story I may or may not end up actually finishing. In fact, this might even work as a [...]

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Some Ideas Make it Hard to Breathe – From April 2019

I was late for class, which as the instructor, is frowned upon. I was following a big, slow, truck, watching for a break in the traffic so I could get around. It gave me time to think about that big yellow thing the truck was carrying, and wonder just what the heck it was. I [...]

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Making Your Characters Sick! – From May 2019

This is going to be a short post today, and one for the writers who may come across it. It will be short because, well, wait a minute, I have to blow my nose…Okay, I’m back. That’s why. I woke up in the middle of the night last night with a scratchy throat threatening to [...]

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A Dingo Eating a Shark and Two Snakes Making Love: My Self-Publishing Journey.

I didn’t have to self-publish. I have traditionally published 5 or 6 books in the past, and when I realized I was actually writing my first novel one of those previous publishers asked to look at it. I thanked them. But I had been hearing and reading so much about self-publishing, I decided that the [...]

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Creating Really Nasty Villains!

I had a really fun conversation with another author this week. As we talked about my past and the years I spent as a pastor and counselor, he asked how I am able to create my nasty villains since I spent all that time in such a “nice” role. He is the first person to [...]

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The Day They Blew-Up Decatur!

Sometimes, the ideas just hit you right in the face. And then, they just stand there and keep punching. I walked out our front door a few days ago and there it was. It looked like someone had just dropped “the big one” somewhere East of our house, and my guess it was Decatur, Illinois. [...]

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